Moving to a new place is never easy. But if you’re relocating to a place like Maine, things can be a lot easier, especially if you get to know the people and the place in advance. Here are five important (and fun!) things to know about Maine before you decide to move to the state.

1. Maine is lobster land.

If you do not like (or are allergic to) lobster, you need to take note of this. If you love feasting on lobster, you will be completely at home in Maine. Kidding aside, lobsters are a significant part of the Maine’s culture and economy. The state produces some of the best lobsters in the world – high-quality, fresh, and delicious. There’s nothing like Maine’s lobsters, and you’ll find this out the minute you start to devour one.

2. If you love beautiful scenes, Maine is definitely the place for you.

Everywhere you go in Maine; naturally breathtaking views will welcome you. Stunning seaside views, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, majestic mountains. Name it; Maine has it! It’s like living inside a postcard.

3. Food shacks will feed you well in Maine.

While the rest of the country and the world gets fed by food trucks and restaurants, Maine has a lot of food shacks that offer world-class cuisine. These shacks may look small and even old (for some), but don’t be quick to judge because these holes-in-the-wall serve some of the best food (seafood, especially) in Maine!

4. Maine is home to the best fresh blueberries.

Blueberries are the official state fruit of Maine. And rightly so, because they are extra delicious! Maine’s blueberries are mouthwatering, juicy, and unbelievably fresh. They’re irresistible, too! So wherever you go, you’ll find Mainers enjoying fresh blueberries or blueberry jam, or blueberry pie.

5. Cold Winters and incredible summers are a thing in Maine.

Winters in Maine are long and cold, but Mainers know how to have fun in the snow. Go snowboarding with friends and have fun in the cold. Don’t forget to put on a coat, your ear muffs, and snow boots, though. Come summer, don’t lock yourself inside the house; go to the beach and have fun! Mainers flock to the beach practically every day during the summer season.