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Moving Anytime Soon? 5 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Maine

Moving to a new place is never easy. But if you’re relocating to a place like Maine, things can be a lot easier, especially if you get to know the people and the place in advance. Here are five important (and fun!) things to know about Maine before you decide to move to the state.

1. Maine is lobster land.

If you do not like (or are allergic to) lobster, you need to take note of this. If you love feasting on lobster, you will be completely at home in Maine. Kidding aside, lobsters are a significant part of the Maine’s culture and economy. The state produces some of the best lobsters in the world – high-quality, fresh, and delicious. There’s nothing like Maine’s lobsters, and you’ll find this out the minute you start to devour one.

2. If you love beautiful scenes, Maine is definitely the place for you.

Everywhere you go in Maine; naturally breathtaking views will welcome you. Stunning seaside views, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, majestic mountains. Name it; Maine has it! It’s like living inside a postcard.

3. Food shacks will feed you well in Maine.

While the rest of the country and the world gets fed by food trucks and restaurants, Maine has a lot of food shacks that offer world-class cuisine. These shacks may look small and even old (for some), but don’t be quick to judge because these holes-in-the-wall serve some of the best food (seafood, especially) in Maine!

4. Maine is home to the best fresh blueberries.

Blueberries are the official state fruit of Maine. And rightly so, because they are extra delicious! Maine’s blueberries are mouthwatering, juicy, and unbelievably fresh. They’re irresistible, too! So wherever you go, you’ll find Mainers enjoying fresh blueberries or blueberry jam, or blueberry pie.

5. Cold Winters and incredible summers are a thing in Maine.

Winters in Maine are long and cold, but Mainers know how to have fun in the snow. Go snowboarding with friends and have fun in the cold. Don’t forget to put on a coat, your ear muffs, and snow boots, though. Come summer, don’t lock yourself inside the house; go to the beach and have fun! Mainers flock to the beach practically every day during the summer season.

Top 5 Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Portland is one of the most popular cities in Maine. This is not surprising considering that the city has a lot of interesting things to offer. If you’re planning to visit Portland anytime soon, here are five things we suggest you should try out and do.

1. Go to the Portland Observatory Tower.

The tower was built back in the early 1800s to primarily serve as the means of communication between ships and the shore. Back then, there were no computers, so they used the telescope and some flags as signals. This National Historic Landmark offers tours that highlight maritime contributions to the city of Portland.

2. Go on a foodie adventure with the Maine Foodie Tour.

Discover Portland through its cuisine. And the best way to do this would be to join the Maine Foodie Tour, which will take you to food heaven with the variety of dishes you will be asked to devour. If you consider yourself a true blue foodie, you shouldn’t miss any of the tours offered by this group. Portland is, after all, “America’s Foodiest Small Town” according to Bon Appetit.

3. Go on a bike and tour around the city.

If you want to explore the city in the truest sense of the word, rent a bike for a minimal fee and go around Portland. Bike around, and you’ll discover the city’s hidden treasures. You’ll see the ocean (endless scenes of it!), green parks, lively neighborhoods, and some historic homes. If you want a relaxing activity, this is it.

4. Embrace Portland art.

Portland has an art walk every first Friday of the month. Streets are closed to automobiles as art shops, galleries, and museums line up the sidewalks with works by local artists. You’ll love the artistic party feeling of the art walk.

5. Bring your kids to the Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine.

If you want your children to have the time of their lives in Portland, bring them to the Children’s Museum & Theater. There, they’ll enjoy interactive displays and exhibits like the Car Repair Shop (for those who want to be mechanics) and the Dress-Up Theater, where they can pretend to be theatrical play characters and act onstage.

Top 5 Reasons Why Maine is the Best Destination for Adventure Seekers

The state of Maine is popularly nicknamed Vacationland. This is an apt term because Maine really is a vacation paradise. Whether you travel with family, with friends, or with fellow adventurers, you are in for a treat the minute you step foot on Maine grounds. If you are a backpacker or an adventurer looking for thrills and excitement, you are up for an incredible treat. Here are five reasons why Maine is your perfect adventure playground.

1. Maine is ideal for camping.

Maine is surrounded by oceans, forest, and mountains. There are campsites and campgrounds practically everywhere. And all these places are magnificent. They offer the best of nature. Some good campsites to consider are Baxter State Park, Acadia National Park, and the Recompence Shore Campground on Wolfe’s Neck Farm.

2. You can skydive and raft in Maine.

Skydiving and rafting go together in Maine. Haven’t tried it yet? Check out Jump and Raft in Millinocket, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable Maine adventure. It is the only place in the United States where you can jump 11,000 from a plane on day one, then on day two, you raft your way through Class V Penobscot. Aside from an adventurer’s high, you’ll also get to enjoy the scenic views and the beautiful Maine sunset.

3. Maine is a happy place for hikers.

Hiking is a wonderful challenge in Maine. It has trails of all kinds. The Coastal Trail in Lubec, Quoddy Head State Park offers a steep and rocky adventure. But once you get moving, you’ll be rewarded with majestic views of the ocean. And then there’s Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, which can be quite an adventure since you can only reach its summit after more or less 10 hours of hiking and climbing! Other hiking stops are the Main Huts & Trails located in the western mountain region and the Camden Hills State Park.

4. Maine means a lot of water adventures.

Numerous bodies of water surround the state, so you’ll have access to lakes, the ocean, rivers, bays, and ponds. This means you can kayak, raft, and sail all you want!

5. Maine means waterfall adventures.

There are a lot of waterfalls in Maine, so a waterfall adventure should definitely be on your list. Some of those that you should visit include Smalls Falls, Coos Canyon, Angel Falls, Snow Falls Gorge, and Screw Auger Falls.